Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hello to all of you movers and shakers.

So this will be rather quick because I have a meeting in like a few minutes. But I did wanna go over a few things that have been going on.

I have since retaken both CK and CS and as of TODAY I found out I have passed them both!!!!

Mom's been dead 8 months and in some ways its getting easier, in some ways, the pain gets worse each day. April 9th would've been her birthday.

Dad is dating the woman he's been screwing around on my mom with for years. To say the least, she makes my blood boil.

Single....not looking for the one, but I am talking to some people

Hopefully I will be back soon to update you more!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The elevator

The wedding was just too much for her to handle....
The idea of being a bridesmaid in the wedding of the man
SHE wanted to marry turned her stomach
So she strayed away to the elevator and pushed the call button
The wedding party stood around outside, no doubt wondering where she was
She texted her fellow wedding party member
And informed her that the milk she put in her coffee
Had done some damage
The reply was and LOL and a take your time.
Ding.....The doors sweep open and she grabs
The billowing dress and climbs on board
As the door closes she turns her back and puts her head on the cool marble
"What the fuck was I thinking.....I must like pain"
She says to nobody...A few seconds pass before she realizes
She's not going up or down
Before she could rest the button with the number 20 on it
Ding....."Shit" she says and turns to meet who has interrupted her
Tranquility....and it was him..........She freezes
His eyes locked with hers as he steps on board
And pushes the button to send them to the 20th floor.....
Her hearts pounding, she'd been playing with the idea of telling him
What he already knew...
"I....." she starts....then stops.
He turns.....looks at her.....and hits the emergency stop button
In a moment he has closed the space between them from feet to inches
"I love you.....I've always loved you....." she breathes out finally
She backs away til she feels cold marble on her back
He remains silent, looking at her with eyes that would make
The Arctic Circle melt into a paradise
He moves so close to her that he can count her eyelashes
"....I love you......I miss you......" he says and seals his words
With a kiss that combined with a candle would light the flame
They've hidden for years
Suddenly her eyes snap open, pushes him away
Then pushes the emergency lock back into place
She turns to fix his tux and then pushes 20 then 1
The elevator slowly ascends then he speaks,
"Is this not what you want....."
She takes the deepest breath of her life and turns to him,
"Sex isn't enough.....hearing you say you love me isn't doing either one of us any good"
He runs his fingers through his dreds and looks at her
"I thought you said you loved me"
Ding...the door the the 20th floor opens and she begins to walk out
She stops midway through the door
And without turning around she speaks
"I love you.....I love you enough to let you go."
He stands against the wall of the elevator as she begins to walk away
Shoulders straight, hair bouncing, heels clicking, dress swaying....
The doors begin to close leaving him to look in the shinny reflection of himself
And realizes for the first time
How much being in love sucks.