Sunday, June 12, 2011

Been over a year.....

Nobody is reading this anymore, so its just a way for me to vent. I think that this is like writing to an unknown best who just listens.....I think writing by month would work best

April 2010 - I finished up my last month of medical school. Bought a home in the city I now live in. It was a month preparing for my future and enjoying my last month as a student. There was a gala where a guy.....we'll call him W (not the president) came to visit me.....He was amazing the whole time. Helped me clean my home, we shared our first was awesome......I began to fall for this man by the time he left

May 2010 - graduation from medical school, traveled to new orelans, miami, and ....

June 2010 - to North carolina and saw W. Again....the act of just seeing this man.....damn I was falling in love with him by this time

July 2010 - residency began. many many hours of work

August - nov 2010 - The work continued, I found that I had less and less contact with W. A trip there in early November 2010 which resparked the flame for me.....and I begged him to communicate or else I'm not going to be there anymore.

Dec 2010 - Jan 2011 - worked christmas, began to plan for a vacation with that would be in my favorite city....New Orleans during valentine's day

Feb 2011 - stood up on the trip.....relationship with W ended

More to come