Saturday, September 13, 2008

unnamed rage

Listen you spineless son of a bitch
If you got anything of substance to say
Or if you feel the direction you see for my life is better
Than what I can do for my muthafuckin self
Then allow me to break some shit down for you
All my life...I had ta fight....Not my daddy or brother or cousins too
Just closed minded, inappropiate, wastes of 46 chromosomes like you
Sometimes I sit and wonder why there are children starving in the world
Yet God allow's your ass to eat
I don't think that you get exactly how much
The thought of you molding my life make me want to fucking wretch
Making me want to grab my old gross anatomy tools
And dissect myself until all the nerves are disconnected and I ....
Can't feel pain anymore....That's what your here for....right?
To treat me like every other woman in your life
To use me like a towel and throw me in a heap on top of your shitty draws?
Its not to hold and tell me everythings alright
No you abused your right to touch me the night I said NO and you kept going...
My life is not about seeing you happy or even neutral
My life is my life...and its a damn good life
Without you

*to my readers*
This poem is to a person who doe not know he hurt me this bad. Tonight the anger had to go somewhere

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A poem for those with Imagination

If I were the world…where would you be right now
If you could for the lack of a better phrase….be inside of me
Not necessarily literally but if you could be, where would you go.
Would you spend time exploring my mountain ranges
Enjoy the arc that only Delu can give to you
Or maybe you’d stare in awe at the legs I stand upon
And think you’re at the coliseum
Looking at the most beautiful sand colored columns
Or maybe you’d see them as seemingly endless sand
In a desert that ends, or begins….in the
Wettest, warmest, most exotic location on this world tour.
But what I would love more than anything
Is for you to travel up north
Past the lips of the mouth of my river
Over the rolling hills and
Explore and conquer the icy almost untouched terrain that is
My mind
So if you ever need time away
From your world…come travel with me
“Please raise your seatbacks and tray tables to their fully upright and locked position”

You’ll need it