Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A vent

So over the past few days the man I'm in a relationship with has come to visit me. I can't be happier that he's here.... But last night he dropped a bomb on me. He told me that despite his wishes he will not be able to move in with me. 
Now.... You may be wondering why on earth is this upsetting. I am a traditional woman only in a few ways. One of which is to be married before I live with a man. However, my current boyfriend.... God knows I love him. And I want nothing more than to be with this man and grow old with him. So I let my guard down and allowed myself to get excited about having him with me. Then this happens. If anything I am scolding myself for getting my hopes up. He wants to work to be more financially stable, I get that. I support that. His money does not matter to me.... But it does to him. I see why some men get concerned when their woman is more successful than them. They feel a need to catch up. I also see why some women date men just as successful as they are.... So they don't have to slow down. I love this man and until I find out love isn't enough, I'm not going anywhere. 

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