Thursday, May 15, 2014

My life

Well since my last entry a few things have happened 

I'm almost one year out of residency. Time flies so fast. I'm at a nice clinic and I love my staff. It has it's ups and downs but what job doesn't?

The boyfriend. Now an ex boyfriend. He hit me. We went on vacation, I said something out of line. That lead to an argument and him putting his hands on me. Hurting me. Not caring if I was ok. I actually remained with him for about a week and a half but I couldn't. As much as I used to love him, that's how much I hate him now. Hasn't even been 2 months and he has a new woman in his life. If she ever reads this, he isn't ok. He's a good man with a bad problem. Bad enough to make him the ugliest person I've ever dealt with. Maybe he will treat you better.... But he hit his ex wife, he hit me and you might be next. Or maybe not. Either way.... I'm happy to be away from him. I'd rather be alone than abused

Well I'm gonna try to be more active on this blog and my food blog. Take care and love like there's no tomorrow cause there might not be. 

- Yuli 

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Monique Hollis-Perry said...

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